Discover the history of Perth’s northern coast

While Alkimos is a thriving suburb that’s set to become one of Perth’s biggest northern city centres, the name itself has ties to a long-gone past that stretches across oceans.

A thriving community

Located in the City of Wanneroo, Alkimos is one of WA’s newest suburbs. Established in the late 2000s, it’s grown significantly since then, and the WA State Government has even bigger plans for the area.
With beautiful natural bushland, crisp white beaches, and access to the future Mitchell Freeway extension and Metronet rail expansion project, it’s not hard to see why people are choosing Alkimos to make their home.

Trinity: the home of sun, sand, and sea

We believe that good things come in threes, and Trinity is so-named for its three private lifestyle villages, each with its own distinct personality.

Agora, the eastern village, is inspired by market towns of the world, where life was centred around a local hub. Atelier, Trinity’s central village, has a more artistic feeling about it, and celebrates the eclecticism, education, and creativeness of French art studios. Aura, our newest village, is set by the beachside. Inspired by spa towns of Europe, Aura is a place for people to come and live by the water, and soak in the relaxing sea air and healing waters.

Three villages, bordered by the sun, sand, and sea. Three distinct personalities. Three opportunities to find your new home.

An award-winning master-planned town

Since its inception, Trinity has been meticulously master-planned to create a private coastal community, with all the essential infrastructure carefully in place from the beginning. Each element of Trinity’s design is carefully chosen to enhance the lifestyle of its community, to foster a sense of inclusion and welcoming within its neighbourhoods. Basically, it’s been designed to grow as you do.

Where Alkimos got its name

Perth’s northern coast has a rocky past—literally. Underneath the waves just off the sandy white beaches, the coast is bordered by submerged rocks and an unforgiving reef.

15 shipwrecks line the City of Wanneroo’s 32km coastline: the Alkimos, a Greek freighter, is one of them, running aground off Eglington Rocks in 1964. But before it found its final home off the WA coast, the Alkimos was a US Liberty Ship, launched in 1943 in Baltimore during the Second World War, christened the George M Shriver. The vessel saw active service for 18 months of the war, leased to the Norwegians under its adopted name, Viggo Hansteen. Following the war the 7033-ton freighter was sold to a Greek shipping company and given her new name: Alkimos.

While sailing the world for many years, the Alkimos gained a reputation as an unlucky vessel, with a series of unfortunate events and strokes of bad luck following in its wake. After a number of repair issues, and staying anchored for months off the WA coast on its way to Manila, the Alkimos eventually broke its moorings and washed ashore, coming to rest off Eglington Rocks. 

But there’s so much more to this story — see what you can discover for yourself!

Discover more amenities

Getting around Trinity

With plenty of bus routes nearby, and less than 20 minutes from Joondalup Lakeside and Mindarie Marina, Trinity is a secluded community that’s connected to everything.

Transport in Trinity
Schools and Child Care

With a new primary school, secondary school, and childcare close to the heart of the estate, your family is in good hands when it comes to education.

Schools in Trinity
Shopping and dining out

From Trinity Village Shopping Centre to Lakeside Joondalup, you'll have easy access for a quick shopping trip or a day out shopping the big brands.

Shopping in Trinity


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